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Warren Summerfest 2016

Dr. Kue, Dr. Palaganas and Dr. Balysh not only provide patient care to their patients at Lifetime Family Care, but they also extend their services to others.  They are active within the local community, and both physicians have participated in medical missions to various countries.

Maila Kue

Dr. Kue's Speaking Engagement at MARSP (Michigan Association of Retired School Personnels). 9/19/13.

Maila Kue
Kiwanis Dolls for Our Pediatric Patients

Going to the doctor can be a scary adventure for many children, especially if they have to have a procedure done, get blood drawn, or get an injection.  At Lifetime Family Care, we try to help ease our patients' nerves with the help of our donated Kiwanis "Doctor" Dolls.  We utilize these dolls to help children point out their symptoms on the doll or explain what will be done (i.e. where a shot will be administered).  Thank you Kiwanis Club International for continuing your mission of "serving the children of the world."

Maila Kue