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I absolutely love coming here! Main thing is that everybody is so nice and friendly!
— Diana F

Went in for my first appointment today and couldn’t be happier. Dr P. Was outstanding. The staff was very professional, courteous and knows their stuff. So glad Ive found a great doctor so close to home.
— Michael M

Dr. Palaganas and Dr. Kue both rock! They take their time with you and really listen. I’ve been going to them since Dr. Schwartz retired. They moved and opened up a new facility and I’m glad I stayed with them.
— Melissa B

As someone who grew up around the medical professions, I know how vital it is to have a doctor who is smart, resourceful, and good with patients. Dr. Kue is an excellent doctor and I have every confidence in her. The staff is also very welcoming and attentive. I am glad that I waited and found Lifetime Family Care instead of settling for some place else.
— T. Betts

The doctors honestly care about my well-being. The staff are also very friendly and very helpful. I am very grateful for you all. It takes “love” to be in the health care business and I truly can see it at Lifetime Family Care.
— T.K.

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